Undergraduate Minor

Minoring In Sexuality Studies

The Minor in Sexuality Studies coordinates scholars and students from a range of disciplines to study, teach, and create knowledge about human sexuality in its myriad functions and forms. The minor consists of five courses. Where appropriate, courses taken at Duke University or with a study abroad program also may count toward the minor. The five courses required for the minor must include at least one core course and involve work in at least three different departments or curricula. As an example, a minor in sexuality studies could be constructed from WGST 111, AMST 269, HIST 358, HIST 467, and WGST 101, for a minimum of 15 hours from at least three departments or curricula.

Courses listed here are certified for the Minor in Sexuality Studies. Other courses, including those offered at Duke University and other institutions, may be eligible for credit towards the minor. For approval, submit a copy of the syllabus and a statement about the course’s engagement with Sexuality Studies to Dr. Jacob Lau, the Program Director.

EFFECTIVE FALL 2014: Students will be required to include at least one core course to be part of their five courses for the minor. Beginning in Fall 2014, there will be six core courses to choose from. Students will choose from at least one of the six following courses to satisfy the minor core course requirement:

  • COMM 549
  • ENGL/WGST 140
  • HIST 566
  • RELI/WGST 244
  • WGST 111

Additional Courses:

    • AAAD/WGST 200
    • AMST 269, 371
    • ANTH 442, 443,
  • ANTH/WGST 277, 458
  • ASIA 235
  • ASIA/ECON 469
  • CLAS/WGST 242
  • CMPL 254, 468
  • ENGL 264, 287, 365, 384, 664
  • ENGL/WGST 140, 666
  • FREN 285
  • HIST 89
  • HIST 144
  • HIST 358, 398 (Approval required, based on topic.  Students wishing to get approval for a specific section/topic should contact the Director of the Program in Sexuality Studies), 467, 566
  • HIST 448H
  • HIST/WGST 479
  • JAPN 161
  • PLAN 052/WGST 051
  • PLCY 365
  • POLI/WGST 218, 265
  • PUBH 423
  • RELI 450
  • RELI/WGST 244, 424
  • SOCI/WGST 124
  • WGST 101, 111, 231, 294, 388, 550

Where appropriate, courses taken at Duke University or with a study abroad program may also count towards credit for the minor.

Graduate Courses

UNC–CH does not currently offer a graduate Certificate in Sexuality Studies and these courses are not open to undergraduates. The Program lists these courses as a service to interested graduate students:

  • WGST 790: Graduate Seminar in Women’s Studies. Explores the complex interaction between Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies and Gender Studies as these fields have evolved within and across academic disciplines, intersecting with issues of race, class, ethnicity, masculinity, sexual orientation and with practices of queer theory and cultural studies.
  • WGST 858/COMM 858: Seminar in Feminist Studies of Film and Television. This graduate seminar will explore theoretical and practical points of contact between feminism, film and television using psychoanalysis, narrative analysis, ideological analysis, and cultural studies.
  • HIST 735: Gender and Sexuality in Historical Perspective. Katherine Turk. Readings on the historical study of gender and sexuality and on definitions of femininity and masculinity in different historical contexts.